Art Toronto

Participating as a cultural partner at Art Toronto 2018, OCAD University displayed the work of 11 recent graduates in a rotating collection for view by the public, collectors, and gallerists.

In addition to co-curating, McKenna developed and facilitated a public critique with VIP ticketholders of two works-in-progress by artists Gabrielle Leighton and Maisha Marshall-Ende. Alongside panelists Natalie Waldburger and Martha Ladly, they provided insight into the critique process and stages of artistic development.

Artists: Julia Balfour, Laura Dawe, Brandon Fujimagari, Court Gee, Gabrielle Leighton, Maisha Marshall-Ende, Kristin Morthens, Mira Marie Pedari, Josi Smit, Adelaide Thorhallsdottir, Cristine Yunyk

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